Welcome to week 50 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “bubble“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

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One of a Class


69 thoughts on “bubble

                    1. Alice Keys

                      Last night, a door-to-door phone service salesman told me their “one year contract” was simply an agreement I wouldn’t be held to if I moved. Ya. Sure. You betcha.

                      what contract, buddy?
                      it’s not a contract only
                      agreement to pay

                    2. Jen

                      still called foreigners
                      by the little old ladies –
                      “who’s boy are you?”

                      Real story — when I worked in MD I dealt with a guy in KY who had a very common last name for his part of KY. EXCEPT he was part of a family – from a neighboring county – that pronounced the last name differently. He’d give his name and people’d say, “HEEEEW’s boy are yeeeew????”

                    3. Alice Keys

                      “who’s boy are you?”
                      Yer not frum aroun’ heer kid
                      Yaing- kee go-wa houme.


                      What a funny story. I get this. I grew up in Ohio.Never thought I was a “Yankee” till I moved to Georgia and was told “Yaing-keee go-wa houme!” by an old lady swinging a cane.

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