Welcome to week 48 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “careful“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

Read the About page for more information. You may suggest future prompts on the Prompts page.

One of a Class


96 thoughts on “careful

                    1. Jen

                      Resisting the urge to haiku right into the gutter….!

                      Get it up again!
                      She sounded quite frustrated
                      …with her hula hoop

                    2. Jen

                      Ugh! This new notifications system! I was looking for our haiku chains and couldn’t find them!

                      Gutter haiku, huh? OH dear oh dear!

                      hoops bottom both times –
                      the gangsters stand slack-jawed by
                      her hippy prowess

                    3. Alice Keys

                      her hippy prowess
                      a hoop a day keeps those bad
                      criminals away

                      It’s true. I warded off a criminal while we were in Denver (2012) with my hoop. I can make a big irrigation pipe hoop whistle. We were in an “executive rental”. It was next to housing projects and filled with various commodity dealers. Lots of customer foot traffic. Tweakin’.

                    4. Jen

                      oh dear. that’s scary stuff!!!!
                      but now that I know you’re safe — well — it’s kind of a funny image!!!

                      criminals away –
                      that crazy hippy lady
                      will hoop you silly

                    5. Jen

                      outrun mom calling
                      pretty easy if your mom
                      has a wooden leg

                      {relax everyone reading this — I have a prosthetic limb so I’m allowed to joke about it}

                    6. Jen

                      ooooh…. I love it when you talk “garage” to me! hubba hubba! πŸ˜‰

                      my oil change and lube
                      was quite dissatisfying –
                      want my money back

                    7. Jen

                      Oh, NSA? That makes more sense!
                      this makes me think of Sgt. Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes!

                      know nothing, no one
                      and you can’t prove I was here-
                      in fact, I wasn’t.

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