Welcome to week 44 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “bear“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

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One of a Class


61 thoughts on “bear

                    1. J

                      Yeah, the Rolling Stones look like an episode of the Walking Dead (a zombie program) don’t they? šŸ˜‰

                      at least, look that way –
                      Mick Jagger’s fountain of youth?
                      quite questionable

                    2. J

                      Just keeping the wicks from getting dusty, right? šŸ˜‰

                      we don’t need a storm –
                      a light meal would be enough
                      after the famine

                    3. Alice Keys

                      they didn’t earn it
                      no right to live around here
                      poor shouldn’t be seen

                      A politician canvasing my neighborhood before elections told me “People who live around here don’t want to see the homeless.”

                    4. J

                      out of sight, out of mind. our local city council had a wooded area bulldozed so the homeless would have to move on to the next town. sad.

                      poor shouldn’t be seen
                      so let’s bulldoze the forest –
                      git along, dogies

                    5. Alice Keys

                      git along, dogies
                      shuffle off to who knows where
                      our Great Depression

                      These tactics remind me of those used during the Great Depression to keep the homeless moving along. Many towns are making homelessness something one can be arrested and jailed for. Caught in the act of having lost ones job and home. Where does the buck stop? ((SIGH))

                    6. J

                      Joan Baez, Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti:

                      “Against us is the power of police
                      The shameless lies that men have told
                      Will ever more be paid in gold
                      Against us is the power of the gold
                      Against us is racial hatred
                      And the simple fact that we are poor”

                      our Great Depression
                      is greater for some people –
                      new Animal Farm

                    7. Alice Keys

                      “And the simple fact that we are poor” (beautiful)

                      or against us because we refuse
                      to wear simulations and baubles
                      mockeries and copies of wealth
                      forever monkey-see-monkey-do
                      charging youthful-appearing lies
                      on credit cards and time payments
                      power of fool’s gold against us

                    8. J

                      I can hear this sung to the Ballad — VERY nicely done! This could be a post unto itself, you know. VERY nicely done.

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