Welcome to week 38 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “birth“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

Read the About page for more information. You may suggest future prompts on the Prompts page.

One of a Class


48 thoughts on “birth

                    1. Alice Keys

                      Wait…That’s the wrong hare…
                      this isn’t even March yet
                      down the rabbit hole

                      I had to laugh at this. My painting muse just forced me to paint a bunch of rabbits for no reason that I can tell. I don’t know how to paint them but there they are all staring at me. Maybe it was a misunderstanding…

                    2. J

                      down the rabbit hole
                      looking for answers online
                      popped up somewhere else

                      those muses can be quite tricky can’t they? πŸ˜‰

                    3. Alice Keys

                      popped up somewhere else
                      then another and then more
                      why all the rabbits?

                      “tricky.” Hmmm… Perhaps a stronger word for what those muses are? πŸ˜‰

                    4. J

                      …. well … I wasn’t going to say that, lest the muses decide to abandon me for a few days in retaliation! So we’ll say the muses are kind to a fault, generous, giving, loving, beautiful, and sexy-in-the-right-lighting. πŸ™‚

                      why all the rabbits?
                      mom blanches at the question:
                      “go ask your father”

                    5. Alice Keys

                      Aren’t those muses all that! (she said loud enough hoping to undo any damage) πŸ™‚

                      “go ask your father”
                      And, yes. You should ask him all
                      those other questions.

                    6. Alice Keys

                      Yes. This reminds me of teaching you to drive a stick-shift in France. Yikes!;-)

                      stripped a gear perhaps
                      leaving the country this week
                      sell the kangoo fast

                    7. J

                      all that b-b-b-b … sounds very cold!

                      blues before breakfast –
                      cream curdled in my coffee
                      and the sugar’s gone

                    8. Alice Keys

                      and the sugar’s gone
                      Here, Sweetie. Stir my coffee.
                      Sweet finger enough.

                      b-b-b is not very haiku-ish. This comes from driving a haiku with a sewing machine muse. I have too many diverse projects going this week.

                    9. J

                      Uh oh …. !
                      Shall we shake hands, then, and give it a breather for a few days?

                      finger sweet enough
                      but he waves goodbye for now —-
                      part of the hand team

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