Welcome to week 28 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “surround“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

Read the About page for more information. You may suggest future prompts on the Prompts page.

One of a Class


36 thoughts on “surround

                    1. oneofaclass Post author

                      I did a bit of reading, and WordPress only allows you to do it on your own blog. The idea is so you don’t post a huge image link in someone’s comment, thus making it look like a mess. For some reason, it supposedly allows you to put in links to youtube videos and tweets. Go figure…

                    2. Blog It Or Lose It

                      It’s weird, because I’ve added YouTube videos all the time, and I’ve seen Tweets added all the time. Not sure *why* the photos would be that much “messier” — unless people started to add naughty photos … but hey, what do I know ….

                      Thanks for checking on this. 🙂

              1. Blog It Or Lose It

                Rats. You may be right. I changed the one apostrophe and thought it would work now … no dice. I caved and gave them money (!) so perhaps they’re being nicer to me.

                I should give you a bonus haiku for being so patient with me!

                doubloons are vital
                to blogs and to pirate ships – /
                no gold, no smileys //

                    1. Blog It Or Lose It

                      it was a peg-foot –
                      the First Mate chuckled and said
                      “didn’t feel a thing”

                      (That’s a running joke in my house. (or a hopping joke?) Someone will step on my prosthetic foot and apologize and I say, “didn’t feel a thing”)

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