Welcome to week 12 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “high“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

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One of a Class


299 thoughts on “high

                    1. Alice Keys

                      Of course. I know “Froggie”. The tune began playing in my head as soon as I read “Zombie went a courtin'”. Now it won’t stop. Evil head worm song!

                      Miss Mousie freaks out
                      races out under open sky
                      zombie eagles’ snack

                    2. Blog It Or Lose It

                      the prompt is to write a haiku in the same “sense, tone, and spirit” as Nakagawa’s poem. So … it’s the entire poem. I wrote mine today … since I can’t *really* relate I wrote one from a female perspective. (Almost a Shudder – a Senryu). Quite a different prompt — but I like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

                      Penis poetry: /
                      I prefer longer tales, but … /
                      take what I can get //

                    3. Blog It Or Lose It

                      [harnp. harnp. harnp.]
                      [[That’s the sound of the author gagging.]]

                      listen carefully: /
                      what’s that crackling on the floor? /
                      don’t make me say it …. /////


                    4. Alice Keys

                      Surfer! This is about SURFERS and WAVES! ๐Ÿ˜‰

                      dudes ride their long boards
                      even when the break is mush
                      attitudes adjust

      1. Alice Keys

        (oops… forgot last line)
        TV with the sound turned off
        what line? whose line? huh?

        It reminded me of Cheech and Chong’s something. I don’t remember those years very well. I was too busy… studying. That’s right. Studying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    1. Alice Keys

                      I swear to the “G” beings! I LOVE to click on your comments here. I always LAUGH OUT LOUD!

                      and yet…excited
                      after the “ick” factor she
                      quite likes pumpkin guts

                    2. Blog It Or Lose It

                      It’s great to be a bit crazy — so glad to be making you laugh!!! [Pumpkin guts … ew!]

                      Sallie’s Mom freaks out — /
                      where have you been, young lady? /
                      guts on your collar! //

                      [oh, now that IS nasty…..!]

                    3. Blog It Or Lose It

                      oh my gosh ….if you listened to the old commercials there seemed to be nothing worse than that ol’ ring around the collar! Remember “ancient Chinese secret”? Oy vey. Today I can’t believe they used that for a commercial!!!

                      what will neighbors think? /
                      zombie hoodlum’s parked outside /
                      honking for Sallie //

                    4. Alice Keys

                      when they honk for her
                      can’t take horns seriously
                      zombie Shriner clowns

                      I’d forgotten the Ancient Chinese secret. And okay. It’s a stretch for Shriners. Those little clown cars.

                    5. Blog It Or Lose It

                      oh my, I’d forgotten about the Shriners! We have a … um … pack? … of them at our parades. ๐Ÿ™‚

                      Sallie shakes her head – /
                      Doctor Who can rock a fez /
                      Shriners? Not so much. //

                    6. Blog It Or Lose It

                      sounds very Doctor Who! ๐Ÿ™‚

                      Phew! Only zombies! /
                      Doctor points his Screwdriver – /
                      zombie problem solved! //


                      Sonic Screwdriver /
                      best enjoyed while listening /
                      to the Grateful Dead //

                    7. Blog It Or Lose It

                      Hooray! Another Whovian! ๐Ÿ˜€
                      We were at a hat shop in Gettysburg (Dirty Billy’s) and they had a row of fezzes in a case. My son and I were in seventh heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚

                      in their tiny cars /
                      Shriners have tiny flat pines /
                      hanging in windows //

                    8. Alice Keys

                      Oh Gods! Erk! Okay. You win. I’m grosesd out. (But in a totally good way).

                      spitting contest starts
                      all the queen’s courtesans try
                      to hit the target

                    9. Alice Keys

                      Thanks for your understanding. Other projects press. Place to live coming soon. My boy’s trying to get his first job. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    10. Blog It Or Lose It

                      It just occurred to me … we’re writing about slicing and dicing vampires, deep-frying them, and washing it down with a beer. and possibly a spoonful of zombie dip on the side.


                      We need help!!!!

                    11. Alice Keys

                      Ooo. NOT “Mc” Zombie. They’ve copywriten “Mc”. Seriously. A local vegetarian restaurant was sued (and lost) for using “Mc Dharmas”. Perhaps Zombie Queen?

                    12. Blog It Or Lose It

                      Zombie Queen works! Can’t say I’m surprised about the “Mc” though. I’ll be more careful!

                      Have to be careful with “House of Blues” too. Local placed tried to be “House of Brews” and lost. o.O

                    1. cheryl

                      juice dribbles down chin
                      Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
                      Grade D but much fun

                      oopsies I’m a tad over but the movie is D for die for laughing ๐Ÿ˜€

                    1. Alice Keys

                      with crocs on her feet
                      she mastered de Nile and den
                      got clean an’ sober

                      Okay. Another stretch. Or this:

                      she danced in her crocs
                      but her pets had grown too big
                      they bit off her feet

                    2. Alice Keys

                      With. Best. Shoes. Ever.
                      Made. A. New. Pair. From. Skin. Of.
                      Zombie. Crocodiles.

                      So there! And don’t you have anything better to do on a Saturday night? (I should talk.)

                    3. Blog It Or Lose It

                      Nope, nothing better to do. Other people may be partying but we’re making poems about zombie crocodiles – we ROCK! Seriously, we do. At least we’ll remember the zombie crocs tomorrow.

                      zombie crocodiles – /
                      bits of scaly green armor /
                      float in the bayou //

                      (yeah, I know – they have gators in the bayou, not crocs.)

                    4. Alice Keys

                      Yeah. I tried Okefenokee earlier. But like you say, they’re alligators. And it was a LOT of syllables.

                      lizard parts litter
                      home waters of Marie Laveau
                      which witch is angry?

                    5. Blog It Or Lose It

                      lizard gizzards. that’s fun to say. I’ll say it again. lizard gizzards. lizard gizzards lizard gizzards lizard gizzards. I’m so easily amused ….!

                      zombie food critic /
                      swishes mouthful of gizzards /
                      before spitting out //

                      [that’s the proper tasting method, of course]

                    6. Alice Keys

                      horks out his gizzards
                      in spitting bowl provided
                      zombie maรฎtre d’

                      I’m SO easily amused as well. As if you couldn’t tell by the endless circus of zombie-themed haiku and how hard I’ve been laughing.

                    7. Alice Keys

                      there must be a job
                      anything. even chief puss dipper
                      ten bucks an hour

                      Some of the ideas we come up with together… should be banned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    8. Alice Keys

                      best bait ever known
                      zombie ear maggots wriggle
                      to catch zombie carp

                      I see this as a childrens’ book series with illustrations. A poem per page. Ridiculous and ucky. What do you say? Kids LOVE to be grossed out and laugh.

                    9. Blog It Or Lose It

                      you’re absolutely right — kids love it. Teens love it. And with the zombie “craze” these days .. oh my. Did you know you can buy chocolate zombie santas and chocolate zombie easter bunnies? wouldn’t it be funny to have seuss-like zombie haiku?

                      blue carps and red carps /
                      in zombie carp maggot stew: /
                      I like stew … do you? //

                    10. Alice Keys

                      But can you count them?
                      one and two? Too many now.
                      Zombies. What to do?

                      This is a haiku for the zombie apocalypse page when everyone’s surrounded..

                    11. Blog It Or Lose It

                      Well, it’s been wonderful doing the trapeze act with both of you – it rally has been!

                      Good luck to the kiddo – hope he gets the job! ๐Ÿ™‚
                      And — good luck with the move, too.

                    12. Alice Keys

                      Oh. We’re still awaiting the “real” paper offer. But I think he’s skipping the job and the BIG move to Florida. Unless something changes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But we have to move June first when this lease is up. We THINK we have a local house. If not, we’re homeless. I gather this is all regular west coast life.


                    13. Blog It Or Lose It

                      Wow … I’m sorry you have all this stress in your life! Well, I’m crossing my fingers and toes and sending lots of positive vibes in your direction! ๐Ÿ™‚

                    14. Alice Keys

                      Thanks. I can always use positive vibes. And count on me to send some back to you as well. My life has had a lot going on since we accidentally “retired” a couple of years ago. I’m working on replanting roots. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    15. Blog It Or Lose It

                      [sound of the author’s head imploding]
                      [[a tip of the hat to you, brother!]]

                      jibber and jabber – /
                      don’t understand this blabber /
                      gee, you’re a gabber! //

                      [still overwhelmed by poor dead Ted’s head bread]

                    16. oneofaclass Post author

                      if this great jabber
                      isn’t enough to grab her
                      we must rehab her

                      author’s head implodes
                      his last haiku really sucked
                      Suess grave now quiet

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