Welcome to week 11 of Haiku Circus, where the prompt is “magic“. Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt or responses to the prompt.

Read the About page for more information. You may suggest future prompts on the Prompts page.

One of a Class


69 thoughts on “magic

                    1. Blog It Or Lose It

                      yup! that was “suthun ‘murican” 😉
                      and hey — we finally get to see “hot zombies in love!” 😀
                      I had about 4 haiku that were too raunchy to post … what a shame!

                      hot zombies in love – /
                      necking can be dangerous /
                      better keep your head //

                    2. Alice Keys

                      Gak! Get these pictures out of my head! Sorry I missed the raunchy ones. Maybe a zombie haiku at the top of each chapter? Or a series of 100 word shorts about hot zombie love. So much fun ahead!

                      better keep your head
                      don’t pass it around potluck
                      hot zombie brain dip

                    3. Alice Keys

                      hot zombies in love
                      Halloween dinner special
                      at Johnny Crabcakes’

                      I “hope” JCC sees this one. I think your last line is a great title for a book. Let’s write it.

    1. cheryl

      morning comes to soon
      yet your scent remains as light
      opens loving eyes

      That’s the magic of the circus Jen, become an acrobat and jump in anywhere 🙂

                  1. Blog It Or Lose It

                    sometimes darkness is a woman’s best friend. that, and a healthy imagination. o.O [[[Did I just say that? Oh no she didn’t …. oh yes she did!]]]

                    are you my old pal /
                    or Benedict Cumberbatch? /
                    Here’s to the new moon! //

                    1. Alice Keys

                      Here’s to the new moon!
                      Surprise when the lights come on.
                      Even better now.

                      Yes. Soft focus and low light makes many men look better. 😉

                    2. Alice Keys

                      summer evening
                      fireflies paint streaks of yellow
                      we lay in tall grass

                      Wow. I like your line “how the moths are dancing”. It’s romantic and summery.

                    3. Blog It Or Lose It

                      thanks 🙂
                      It’s neat to think of meteor showers as raining dust … so much sparkle from something so small.

                      dust of ancient worlds /
                      sifts through luna’s pale fingers – /
                      billion years, then gone //

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