Welcome to the second Haiku Circus prompt, “response“. The first prompt was a great success with over 100 replies! Feel free to respond with any haiku based on either the prompt, a contributed haiku or responses to these selected haiku. Any suggestions on how to make this site better are appreciated!

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One of a Class

From alicekeysmd:

sun calls seed by name
there can be just one response

green reaches upward

on bended knee he
awaited her slow response

you must be crazy

From readinpleasure:

garbed in flowing robes
sweating choir chants all night long
responsorial psalm

From oneofaclass:

no response
despite many prompts
he plays dead


71 thoughts on “Response

  1. readinpleasure

    you must be crazy
    to give me that crooked ring
    sad Valentine day

    green reaches upwards
    piercing the sky with all hues
    I see the rainbow

    he plays dead
    to all my loud hints
    this dead love

    1. oneofaclass Post author

      sad Valentine day
      gave me a vacuum cleaner
      his gift from the heart

      I see the rainbow
      then followed to its end
      no pot of gold there

      this dead love
      from happiness to

        1. Alice Keys

          my ex and my friend
          a drunk and a gambling man
          deserve each other

          (hope I kept people straight here ;-))

          my dying moments
          postponed as long as I can
          for heaven on earth

          Thanks for playing, Celestine.

      1. Alice Keys

        once again
        dive from hope’s high cliff
        find my wings

        Very nice, Cheryl. I like the brevity of your poem. It transmits so much with so little. Good job. πŸ™‚ Alice


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