Welcome to the very first post on Haiku Circus!

For this first edition, I am posting some contributed haiku based on the prompt “circus”. Feel free to respond with any response haiku based on either the contributed haiku or responses to these selected haiku. Any suggestions on how to make this site better are appreciated!

Read the About page for more information. And have fun!

One of a Class

From alicekeysmd:

sounds like fun to me
I say we give it a whirl

under the big top

From readinpleasure:

under the big top
we whirl and twirl and waltz
till we are dizzy

Β From oneofaclass:

head in lion’s mouth
how it feels to start prompt site
let circus begin


151 thoughts on “Circus

    1. Alice Keys

      More ICK factor warnings! What fun!

      for candy vomit
      my golden retriever would
      sit up tall and beg

      I shall jump in when I can. Internet is at night now (2-7 am) but not always during the day. Another month till I’m back in the land of technology. Then I shall ROCK at blogging. :-).

      1. johnnycrabcakes

        Um, Eeewwwe!
        Ah Alice — your appreciation of ICK is one of your endearing qualities (of which there are many!). Thanks for showing me that I did not in fact go too far.

        You ALWAYS ROCK at blogging!

    1. Alice Keys

      What a fun response haiku you’ve written. Very nice. I like the visuals and personality in it.
      Alice πŸ™‚

      sly winks at them all
      practiced them in the mirror
      to get the eyes right

        1. Alice Keys

          I really like a narrative quality in any writing. Is it still haiku if it’s narrative? I really am not a poet or anything. More of an uneducated (from a literary perspective) scribbler. πŸ™‚

          1. johnnycrabcakes

            Technically, traditional Japanese haiku is about as far away from narrative you can get. Or its Deeper into narrative than you can get. Not sure which and I’m really not sure what the hell “American Haiku” is other than 5-7-5.
            But it sure is fun.

            1. Alice Keys

              Whatever this is, this sure is fun. And “fun” is my middle name. Well. No. Not exactly my middle name. More like the ultimate spirit at my center. πŸ™‚

              patti-cake word games
              American haiku chains
              deeper into fun

    1. Alice Keys

      Great one! You know how to take a haiku and run with it. I like the story line.

      free pass for the night
      secretly paid by parents
      their night home alone

  1. Rallentanda

    i’m feeling quite sad
    nought will cheer me up again
    i need haiku heights

    o dizzying heights
    riding the wave of haiku
    addictive it is

    If someone takes Haiku Heights Over
    I will contribute prompts. Shame if someone does not do it.

    1. oneofaclass Post author

      I need haiku heights
      with this group of responses
      you have found its depths

      I left an offer to Leo to try taking over. If not, I’m looking at doing something similar to fill the gap. Maybe once a week of normal prompt, one of response chains?

    2. Alice Keys

      addictive it is
      flapping words together here
      magic explosion

      I miss HH already. I would like someone else to take over haiku heights. I vote for oneofaclasss. πŸ˜‰ I can make prompts as well. It would be nice to have HH and have the circus fun to drop in on.

                1. Alice Keys

                  children of our seeds
                  frightening and wonderful to
                  see myself through them

                  Yes. And this as well:

                  one step at a time
                  thanks for holding my hand ‘cross
                  slippy river stones

                  1. milan rajkumar

                    really great !

                    see myself thrugh them
                    they are our live’s longingness
                    mortal beings’ issues.//

                    beautiful and nice philosophy.let me continue…

                    slippy river stones
                    sings merry songs as we tread
                    thosand miles’ journey.

                    1. Alice Keys

                      With yours, I think this first is “complete”. At least from my end. Perhaps you still have more to say?

                      thousand miles’ journey
                      begins with each step we take
                      every new day

                      Very nice.

                    2. Alice Keys

                      I’ve lost the thread. My connection is little to mostly none since the flood. Many things will not load. I’ll see if I can get back into Haiku Circus this morning and find you there.

                      Also, there are new “starter haiku” going up soon under the big top. I’ve sent some to oneofaclass to choose from.

                      See you soon. Thanks for the dances. What fun.

    1. Alice Keys

      the show must go one
      each an actor on the stage
      essential player

      Milan, It’s so good to run into you here. Its a bit chaotic, but fun. πŸ˜‰ I wonder how to print out the bush of poetry at the end?

              1. milan rajkumar

                heart songs to sing with
                while we can act and play parts
                destiny’s prompt cards.

                we are disclosing our philosophy of life in such an abstract way. yours is so vivid and wonderful Alice.

                1. Alice Keys

                  destiny’s prompt cards
                  there are days I wish she’d use
                  a much gentler touch

                  Thanks for your kind words of encouragement with regards my poetic attempts. I’m honored by your use of “vivid and wonderful”. What lovely words. I’m certain that what I write has little to do with actual haiku beyond the syllable count.

                  I like it that one can say so much with so few sounds. Each is a word/math/ thought/creation puzzle to solve. What fun. I especially appreciate your willingness to dance and play along.

                  1. milan rajkumar

                    a much getler touch
                    blossoms kissing the branches
                    jealous butterflies.

                    you are so welcome Alice.someday people will praise you for your works,i am sure….!
                    yes same thought here,word /math/thought/ puzzle and yet telegraphic in nature .love it …
                    lets waltz!!!

                    1. Alice Keys

                      jealous butterflies
                      flutter near cherry blossoms
                      start distant typhoon

                      Milan, Thanks for your kind words. πŸ™‚ And thanks for getting these butterflies into this poem. I wanted them but couldn’t manage on my own. These dances are fun. They are also good word-play exercise.

                    2. milan rajkumar

                      yes ,i hope these dances will have a tempo of its own in near future.

                      start distant typhoon
                      scarecrow stands still lazily
                      blossoms are awestruck.

                      p.s. lets continue

                    3. Alice Keys

                      forgotten fragrance
                      heart-broken love-lost trust-bashed
                      life continues on

                      Yes. Well done. “forgotten fragrance”. Aftermath of our flood is like this. Alice

                    4. Alice Keys

                      temple bell still tolls
                      stops my monkey thoughts spinning
                      white doves stitch blue sky

                      Thanks so much, my friend. I accept your consolations gladly. Alice

                    5. Alice Keys

                      enlivening hope
                      peaceful cooperation
                      path to true freedom

                      I especially enjoyed this verse of yours, And I appreciate your kind and supportive words, my friend. πŸ™‚

                    6. milan rajkumar

                      thank you ,yours is sublime.lets continue…

                      path to true freedom
                      all souls yearn like the budha
                      real meaning of life

                      this chain is so positive ,i will save it …pl continue .

                    7. Alice Keys

                      real meaning of life
                      love, be happy, suffer less
                      one and only now

                      I’ve not written so much Haiku before or done a cooperative chain like this. It’s a lot of fun. It would be wonderful to read all together. Feel free to begin in a new comment box if this one gets too complicated or narrow. I can’t see that view right now. πŸ™‚

                    8. milan rajkumar

                      o wow !

                      one and only now
                      fleeting shadow of a smile
                      no past no future

                      this one is flowing like an age old river ….making ox bows of themes and ever changing elegantly ….enjoying and waiting
                      milan πŸ™‚

                    9. Alice Keys

                      no past no future
                      we meet outside of time and
                      laugh in the sun’s warmth

                      Your verse is very nice. I like the image of “fleeting shadow of a smile”. It reminds me of portrayals of Bhudda. πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking of rivers a lot recently, the oxbows and the quiet curved lakes left behind when the river changes course. Are they still part of the river? Alice πŸ™‚

                    10. milan rajkumar

                      laugh in the sun’s warmth
                      happy children of budha
                      eternal as light

                      ah Alice , your verse is so beautiful and spiritual .
                      its timeless ! and yes if you have been thinking of rivers ,we are somehow telepathic(pl look at my blog header,its a flowing river in black and white) and flowing !!!

                    11. milan rajkumar

                      one is both is one
                      made of the same elements
                      life as we know it

                      light and darkness ,yin and yang …you portray it so well i love your last line”one is both is one ”.
                      and o yes ! its Ansel Adams ! i admire his works ! do you believe that the same picture was made in 1942 ?

                    12. Alice Keys

                      riddle of the sphinx
                      never answered because it
                      was a knock-knock joke

                      Ready for a bit of humor? Do you know “knock-knock” jokes? Classic childrens humor. Silly.

                    13. Alice Keys

                      by haiku and poems
                      the knock came at the closed door
                      Knock knock. Who’s there?

                      πŸ™‚ I have no idea where to do with this. You’ll have to help. πŸ™‚

                    14. Alice Keys

                      “no, never knock twice”
                      come running after one tap
                      into your strong arms

                      Oh Milan! My husband and I both laughed out loud at your joke haiku. Very good. Laughter make a very good feeling. πŸ™‚ Alice I’ve changed to romance here.

                    15. milan rajkumar

                      into your strong arms
                      comfort zone, so eternal
                      paradise on earth

                      Alice ,now the course is turning to a Mills and Boon paperback romance ,hahaha… ! yours is a fun filled romantic haiku !!! lol

        1. Alice Keys

          Wow! This one is a profound and true poem about modern life. We’re only moving from France back to the United states. Four people. Four suitcases. Lots of zipping zippers right now trying to get things to fit. πŸ™‚

          briefcase and coffin
          one and the other often
          not much difference

                    1. Alice Keys

                      no path to return
                      there can much relief found in
                      life without choices

                      OOAC, This is a fine philosophical exploration your lead. Personally, I like to have more options and choices. But life is simpler when there are none. I can see the appeal. Alice

  2. Rallentanda

    I cannot live without haiku…so I am opening HAIKU HEAVEN ,
    Word for this week is ” HOLE”
    Anyone who wants to join me please leave your link in the comment section.

    i am doing this
    even if it’s a solo
    effort on my part

    haiku heights has left
    a big hole in my weekend
    heaven will fill it

  3. Apurva

    this is a great site to start from where haiku heights left…here’s my haiku on circus
    Hurting those nearby,
    loving those afar, join in,
    the circus of life


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